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Contemporary Flamenco and Talk

Dancers Sara Calero and Lucía Campillo will perform their new dance work ‘Fractura’, a 10-minute contemporary flamenco piece inspired by themes of fragmentation and representation in Christina Quarles’ exhibition ‘Come In From An Endless Place’. Throughout, the bodies of the two dancers meet and collapse, pulling against and supporting each other in a sculptural composition that incorporates music by Menorcan singer Anna Ferrer as well as French composer Colleen.

The performance will be followed by a talk with the dancers and artist, curator and researcher Pedro G Romero around the piece and, more broadly, flamenco in relation to themes such as art history and queerness. Romero has worked widely with flamenco, both on exhibitions for national and international museums, including Reina Sofia museum and Es Baluard, as well as collaborating with flamenco artists including Israel Galván, Niño de Elche and Rosalía. Original concept by Sara Calero.

Interpretation and choreography by Sara Calero and Lucía Campillo. In collaboration with 78i Dansa.

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