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Accompanying our exhibitions ‘Christina Quarles. Come In From An Endless Place’ and ‘After the Mediterranean,’ check out our events during your visit.

Screening of ‘Orlando’

Christina Quarles has selected film ‘Orlando’ (1992) for a free screening taking place at the gallery on occasion of her exhibition ‘Come In From An Endless Place’. The film is based on Virginia Woolf’s novel with the same title and starred by Tilda Swinton, who plays a wealthy nobleman who one day wakes up as a woman and struggles to retain her property as the centuries roll by.

Following the screening, writer Carme Cloquells will lead an open conversation about the historical context and some of the themes of Virginia Woolf’s work. The discussion will be accompanied with a complimentary vermouth from Cantina.

The film lasts 1h 32 min and will be screened in English with Spanish subtitles. Ages 13 and up.

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